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Set your expectations to low.
There will be nothing here that you haven't heard before or already know.
Just a few random thoughts, the odd new component 'review', veils will not be lifted!

What makes the modern home so appealing :-

Purité Audio's...


Eversolo AMP-F2

Eversolo are set to launch their new AMP F-2 Power Amplifier.

It employs a new module with a high switching rate developed in conjunction with Tony Stark! 

It is capable of 250w continuous at 4 Ω( ohms )or can be used bridges pushing the output up to 450W RMS at 2 Ω (ohms) distortion as you can imagine is vanishingly low.

Standby consumption is only .5W idle at 14W, the amp is equipped with a 12V trigger so  to  your DMP A-6 or DMP A-8 

turns on the entire system.

  Purité Audio Sigberg SBS.1

The magnificent Sigberg Audio 'Mantas' arrived here late summer and they really are superb, a four way design, co-axial mid/tweeter dedicated midbass driver and two Sigberg D10 subwoofers ( four 10" drivers ) they have real weight and presence, bass is incredible.

Thorbjørn has also designed a smaller four way design the SBS.1, which share many similarities with the 'Manta', both four ways both co-axial both require subwoofers.

The SBS.1s have been reviewed and measured by 'Audioholics'.

The SBS.1 look extremely promising, huge performance yet relatively inexpensive. 

Eversolo DMP A-8 arrives!

The much anticipated new Eversolo DMP A-8 has arrived and it is superb, no gold spangles but solidly constructed and with the same understated purposeful design.

Larger and heavier the the DMP A-6 it has a wealth of connectivity, analogue in ( coax and XLR) analogue out again coax and XLR.

Digital 'in' includes 2x optical, USB 'B' 2x coax and HDMI 'ARC ', Digital 'out' includes optical, coax 2x USB 'A' and I2S.  AC and Gigabit LAN complete the rear panel, oh and a 12v trigger.

The Eversolo Control app is the same across the Eversolo range.

Essentially the A-8 has all the features of the A-6, wireless streaming, Bluetooth, onboard storage etc  but moves towards being a more traditional preamp, fully balanced with +10dB of gain combined with  R2R volume attenuation, you can connect any analogue sources to this directly even your turntable, although you will still need a phono stage for RIAA equalisation.

Dual power supplies, dual clocks it has everything!

The  new Eversolo DMP A-8  the superb Eversolo DMP A-6, ( Standard and Master) versions and the Dac Z-8  are available from Purité Audio London right now.

Audition the new DMP A-8 here or we can arrange a home demonstration and and allow you to directly compare any Eversolo product with your current component.

The Eversolo has a recommended retail price of £1890.00 which includes vat and delivery.

GGNTKT M3 in Lambo Azzuro Thetys!

I sincerely doubt that I will ever be able to afford a Lamborghini, I suppose these will just have to do!

GGNTKT M3 playing Daft Punk at our house ( LCD soundsystem fans) not quite yet but hopefully really soon.


Wiim AMP arrives @ Purité Audio

Wiim have launched their new Wiim streamer/amplifier.

60W per channel at 8Ω 120W at 4Ω, all the streaming capabilities of the Wiim 'Pro Plus' plus amplifier. It is in essence a complete all in one system just connect up your passive loudspeakers and press 'play'.

It is extremely compact, extremely inexpensive £299 inc vat and delivery and will be available to audition in your own home very soon.

it has built in parametric EQ, graphic equaliser and with its subwoofer output you can add a sub and integrate it properly.

It even has a 'line' input for your analogue sources.


My wife heard the difference and she is dead!

I was reading a thread about the new Eversolo DMP A-8 streamer ( which looks to be a promising bit of kit) when a poster mentioned that, that particular 'influencer' as well as reviewing Hi-Fi also could contact the dead.

Just puts a whole new slant on that well worn subjective trope, 'my wife heard the difference and she was in the kitchen'.

The Eversolo DMP A-8 should arrive soon, anyone wishing to hear/compare it would be most welcome the only spirits we will have contact with will be of the liquid variety.


Eversolo's new AMP-F2 or is it Tony Starkes!

Eversolo are about to launch 'their' new AMP F-2 which looks suspiciously like a re-badged Starke Sound amplifier.

Eversolo state that the AMP-F2 has been made in collaboration with using Starke and that it uses their NS600 module, which outputs 250W RMS 4Ω or bridged up to 450W RMS 2Ω with total harmonic distortion below 1%.

No price or expected delivery times as yet.

Stratton Acoustics 'Elypsis' @ Purité Audio

Stratton Acoustics are a new UK loudspeaker manufacturer, their first product is the Elypsis 1512, a homage to the big JBL studio monitors of yesteryear. comprising 2x 380mm (15") bass drivers, 1x 300mm (12") midrange, 1x29mm (1.2") tweeter they are passive and a fairly benign midband sensitivity of 96dB @ 2.83V 1Metre.

The speaker is designed by Phil Ward whom you might recognise from his reviews at SoundonSound magazine.

They are hardly compact 1 metre x900 x500 and weigh 120kg!

I am hopeful that the Stratton team might lend them to us for evaluation, so if anyone fancies listening to a contemporary take on a classic give Purité Audio a call.

Eversolo vs Eversolo DMP A-6 vs the 'Master'.

This is the big one, the question that keeps audiophiles awake at night, does the Eversolo 'Master' edition actually sound any better ( or even different ) from the lowly ugly ducking standard version?

Does the substitution on the 1642 op-amp over the standard's 1612 bring an audible improvement, will the Dual femto clocks satisfy where the low jitter clocks of the standard left that nagging doubt!

'I am Spartacus' there is only one way to determine the truth ( can you handle the truth) a level matched, unsighted comparison in true Audio Science Review tradition.

The winner stays the loser cast out into one of the children's systems ( they wont  care far too sensible).

Will the ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan or just an ugly duck.

The Eversolo 'Master' Edition has arrived and it does look smart with its gold accents and orange LED surrounding the attenuator.

The specifications of both units are extremely similar ( identical in fact) output voltage for RCA 2.6Vand XLR 5.2V are the same, the plan is to connect both to the analogue inputs of some active speakers probably the new Sigberg Mantas, ensure levels are exactly the same and then switch between unsighted.

The question is will the different op-amp (1612 ) and dual Femto clocks fitted to the 'Master' make any audible difference.

Level matched both units connected to Roon and to Sigberg Audio's 'Mantas'.

Sigberg Audio's SBS.1

I have been so impressed with Thorbjørn Sigberg's Mantas' and after reading the excellent review and measurements in 'Audioholics'

The next sensible step is to also stock the Mantas smaller sibling the Sigberg SBS.1.

Another 4-way design co-axial mid and tweeter, dedicated mid-bass and subwoofers.

They look really promising almost the same performance but substantially cheaper!

Eversolo introduce DMP A-8

Eversolo have just announced the release of their new DMP A-8.

Full width, 6" touchscreen, AKM chips, analogue and digital inputs, digital inputs and outputs, streamer, provision for SSD, dual linear and 'digital' power supplies.

Most interestingly there is comprehensive EQ, compressor, loudness, Parametric and what looks like FIR filters and delays.

No price as yet, Roon isn't mentioned, price around £1850 to be confirmed.

Price has been confirmed at £1890 , availability from the end of this month!

Level matching for fun!

If you really want to impartially compare two audio products, there are two conditions that must be fulfilled, you really shouldn't know which component you are listening to ,so the comparison should be un-sighted.

The second is the outputs of both devices should be level-matched to within .1dB.

Your brain hears something louder and most always assumes louder equals better.

I would like to thank Serge Auckland for all of his technical assistance, he recommended a voltmeter with the correct range, which would be suitable for my purpose.

The meter used is a REK RVT-322 available for around £100  from Ebay. It is a dual channel unit which is useful,with a wide range of voltages/dB .

 Methodology is to supply a steady state tone to the dacs being 'matched' Serge suggested 440Hz,I used the Sine wave generator application of REW software.

Macbook connected via USB to both dac units, measurements taken from pins 2 and 3 on the XLR outputs of both dacs, volume adjusted until both have the same output.

I am hopeful that Purité Audio can arrange a few level-matched and unsighted comparisons in the coming months.


Wonderful Wiim!

Purité Audio finally accepts the practicality of the 'streamer'!

A decade ago i thought that 'streamers' were expensive, and worse extremely limited in what they could actually play I recall some users waiting literally years before their chosen component could play the major lossless streaming services.

But having  been hugely impressed with the Eversolo DMP A-6 ( Purité Audio were the first UK retailer to represent the product) I now accept and are in awe of the new Wiim 'Pro Plus' streamer.

Digital output from previous Wiim production was always excellent but their analogue output leaved something to be desired, Wiim with the new 'Plus' have created an audibly transparent component and as such it is as good as anything at any price!

Analogue and digital 'in' digital and analogue 'out', attenuation of digital output it even has built in parametric EQ, all this for £200.

To hear more give us a call.

Dutch&Dutch add Bacch crosstalk cancellation.

Dutch&Dutch have added the option of implementing Bacch crosstalk cancellation to their groundbreaking 8C active loudspeaker.

Developed by professor Edgar Choueiri of Princeton, Bacch 'Band-assembled crosstalk cancellation hierarchy' is a novel method of cancellation that does not add colouration to the signal.

The filter enhances the perception of envelopment, depth and spatiality to the listening experience, creating a three dimensional soundstage that extends beyonds the loudspeaker boundaries.

I have been fortunate to try it here and I wouldn't now listen without the Bacch filter.

I am always happy to chat about Hi-Fi so if you would like to discuss this new exciting development please get in touch.




 As you may know I am a huge fan of Amir and the Audio Science Review site, without wishing to evangelise it has been and continues to be a real force for good, well designed components are applauded and poorly designed designs, well mostly derided.

One well received DAC was Eversolo's Z-8, idly browsing their site there was an announcement of a new DMP A-6 streamer, it looked good, large OLED touchscreen, understated aesthetics and not too expensive.

I had always rather poo-pooed streamers just a stripped down computer but..the DMP looked really fit for purpose, just add a pair of active loudspeakers ( of which I am rather fond) and you have a complete system.

The initial order duly arrived, build quality is really exceptional it looks an feels gorgeous, it appears to play everything, BBC 'Sounds', which even Roon can't manage, it has a DAC built in or you can connect your own, add an SSD to store your ripped stuff, really neat APP, the CAST feature mirrors what is on the touchscreen, I am sure there will be elements that you might have liked or would have been useful but overall it is a very complete package.

Available from Purité Audio ( we are in London) now!

We also have the Eversolo Dac Z-8, if you would like to evaluate any of our products in your own home just get in touch, or 07739407129

I am usually loafing around and even after all these years still enthusiastic about stereos.

Opposite the Eversolo DMP A-6 playing Edwyn and Liz.

Next episode same time same channel, soon.

No cats.Ever.


Eversolo joins the Purité Audio cohort
Dutch&Dutch 8C to incorporate 'uBacch'

Dutch&Dutch revealed their collaboration with Edgar Choueiri ( plasma physics professor at Princeton) and technical director at Theoretica Applied Physics in a closed room demonstration at the recent Munich Hi-End show.

The Dutch&Dutch 8Cs will utilise Theoretica's 'UBacch' software which enables speaker crosstalk-cancellation, principally in a stereo system, music reaches the left ear from the left speaker, fractionally later it reaches the right ear and vice versa, the Bacch system strives to minimise this effect, the result which is dependent upon speaker directivity, room acoustics and programme is to add a clarity and spaciousness. Allowing you to hear the recording with greater fidelity to the original mastering.

I had the Bacch system demonstrated to me some years ago and I thought it a significant advance, no release date as yet but nevertheless exciting news and another addition to the superb Dutch&Dutch 8C speaker system.

Photograph courtesy of Roel @ Pura Audio.

Dutch&Dutch new firmware release

Dutch&Dutch have just released new firmware 2.3, the new version fixes some bugs with

REW integration and an option to to independently adjust the volume of the 8Cs XLR inputs, so external sources can now be running at a different level to the Roon Ready/Spotify Connect option.

Usually I add a photograph to accompany the scintillating text but how can you picture firmware, instead if you look at the D&D/Bacch piece there is a photograph of Martijn Mensink head honcho of Dutch&Dutch he is seated on the left, I am standing to the right young and virile.


Sigberg Audio 'Mantas' are on their way

Purité Audio's first pair of Sigberg Audio's new four way 'Manta' dual-cardioid loudspeakers are on their way.

The Manta promises to be the most exciting loudspeaker since the superb Dutch&Dutch 8C, in essence it shares many of the same design concerns.

The Mantas and matching dual 10D subwoofers have also been chosen by 'Velvet' recording studios,

There will be a tsunami of photographs and flowery subjective nonsense as soon as they actually arrive.

Measurements and musicality, no cat photos.


Eversolo release remote for DMP A-6

Eversolo have just released a remote for the DMP A-6 streamer, our new DMP delivery is due tomorrow Friday 16th June, sadly the remote wasn't available when the order was placed but it is available now from Amazon $12.00.

In other news Sigberg Audio's 'Manta' four way monitors are due to arrive around the 23rd June, probably use these with the Eversolo streamer.

Finally a recommendation for 'Erin's Audio Corner', Erin has a Klippel NFS, and seems to be a very nice guy to boot, recommended.


Eversolo DMP A-6 remote!
Sigberg Audio's 'Manta' arrive!

Well simply WOW!

I just didn't expect the scale of these speakers they are much larger than the 8Cs ( I sort of expected them to be similar) build quality is superb.

Dimensions are 60x36x35cm 8Cs 50x28x38 height, width, depth.

 Dedicated midbass driver is 12 inch, the  coaxial mid and tweeter 5.5 inches.

Unfortunately the delivery has been split hopefully the twin subwoofers and stands will arrive tomorrow.

My first impression is one of awe!( and slight intimidation) 

Thank you Thorbjörn.

 Update everything has arrived!

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