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Understated elegance married to state of the art technical performance.

 Daniel Weiss is the nicest guy and one of the most talented designers around, he has a well deserved reputation in both the pro and domestic arenas.

Mola-Mola dacs, pre-amplifiers and power amplifier.

Mol-Mola, Tambaqui (stand alone dac) Makua preamp, with optional dac and phono modules, Kaluga mono-bloc power amplifiers and the new Kula all in one, pre/power/dac/phono.

Weiss just make superbly designed and engineered electronic components

The Weiss DSP501/502 is capable of sending and attenuating a digital output to contemporary active loudspeakers, very useful paired with, for example D&D's 8Cs.

Weiss/Mola-Mola are hardly inexpensive but in terms of measurement they are absolutely top-notch and their design is sophisticated and understated.

Contact Purité Audio for pricing. 

Audibly transparent

Weiss engineering's components will grace any elegant modern home, a Weiss DSP502 and a pair of Dutch&Dutch 8C loudspeakers form a state of the art contemporary system.

Superb measurements, super sound quality,elegant design.

Mola-Mola and Weiss engineering in terms of technical performance are absolutely state of the art, in terms of sound quality they will be indistinguishable from any dac at any price, this includes even very much more expensive designs.

State of the art, understated elegance.

To listen to any Weiss or Mola-Mola component and compare it in your own system give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

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