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Mesanovic RTM10

A new paradigm in loudspeaker design.

Denial Mesanovic developed his first true ribbon microphone as part of his thesis. The RTM10 is Deni's first loudspeaker design, combining a compact enclosure, multiple drivers and sophisticated digital signal processing in one stylish package.

Mesanovic RTM10 at Purité Audio London UK

Another constant directivity design,

completely full-range, true ribbon tweeter, 6.5" mid and 10" bass driver,

powered by Hypex's NCore amplifiers.

The RTM10's are simply superb.

Mesanovic RTM10 at Purité Audio London
Mesanovic RTM10 at Purité Audio UK

Mesanovic RTM10 in any colour you like as long as it is grey, are £7000 inc vat, delivery and installation.

If you care to discuss any aspect of the superb Mesanovic monitor don't hesitate to get in touch.

Home evaluation is the way ahead

We believe that home evaluation is essential, Purité Audio install a complete Mesanovic RTM10 system, acoustically measure your room, discuss the implementation of any parametric EQ, listen, adjust, listen again until you are completely happy.

Where possible we leave your existing system in place so you can easily compare old with new.

Mesanovic CDM65 monitor at Purité Audio London England
Mesanovic CDM65 at Purité Audio London

Mesanovic RTM10

One of a handful of the world's finest loudspeaker designs, we are the first  domestic retailer in the UK to represent Mesanovic's RTM10.

They are dynamic.

Mesanovic RTM10 Studio Monitor

The RTM10 is a three-way active DSP monitor, featuring a frequency response from 28Hz to 20kHz.

Constant directivity, a wide sound stage and incredibly dynamic, ultra fast transients and pin-point stereo imaging.

The speakers are completely full-range from the very lowest bass to the highest highs, they can be placed anywhere within the room, extremely close to walls or in free space and adjusted accordingly.

At the heart of the RTM10 is a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter, ultra low distortion aluminium mid-range and  high excursion 10" aluminium subwoofer.

What does all this mean :-  you hear the finest most life-like reproduction available anywhere at any price.

To hear the Mesanovic RTM10's in your own room give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

Mesanovic and Eversolo DMP=A6 streamer at Purité Audio London UK
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