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Analogue @ Purité Audio

If you own records then you need a turntable.

 Direct drive designs are extremely accurate and they never need adjusting, the GPA 'Monaco,' was super but extremely expensive.

Dynavector cartridges and 507MarkII tonearm.

Properly engineered fine measuring cartridges from Japan.

I am a fan of direct drive designs, my first SP10 Mark II really convinced me of their superiority in terms of rotational accuracy.

Plans to stock the latest Technics designs were in an advanced stage until Covid struck. 

I have high hopes that we will be able to demonstrate Technics direct drive turntables here at Purité Audio soon.

Vintage favourites include my Sony 'Biotracer' PS-B80 and a couple of the super smart Technics SL-10s.

If anyone has a Sony PS-X9 kicking around?

I believe contemporary active loudspeakers bring significant advantages, Kii THREE, Dutch&Dutch, Gegentakt and Grimm LS1's all have both analogue and digital inputs.

It is straightforward to add a turntable as source, you will need an RIAA equalisation, the 'phono' stage would for example simply be connected directly to the Kii 'control'.

Bring some vinyl along and hear how they sound through the very latest full-range loudspeakers at Purité Audio, London.

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