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Thorbjørn Sigberg's 'Mantas' have really impressed everyone who has heard them, it seemed logical to order the Sigberg SBS.1.

A four way design it too has a co-axial mid/tweeter and a 6.5" dedicated mid-bass woofer.

The whole Sigberg concept is to relieve the main speaker of bass duties, they must be used with subwoofers and the 12" Sigberg 'Inkognito' appeared the natural choice.

The Inkognito is a flat pack or pizza box subwoofer, it can be laid flat like a low coffee table or be placed upright, in either iteration it is much easier to 'hide' in a room.

For a subwoofer it is surprisingly elegant with pleasing proportions.

It is smart!


The SBS.1 is not a large speaker in physical terms, Thorbjørn told me not to be fooled by its diminutive size and he was right.

The SBS.1 is 'the mighty atom' of loudspeakers it is identical to the Manta in. terms of tone and timbre, but in its output too.

It is incredibly dynamic, unbelievably dynamic for a speaker of its size.

It truly packs a punch and when paired with the Inkognito 12" subs they make a formidable 


The Sigberg SBS.1 loudspeakers are  £4400.00 per pair in standard black or white.

One 12" Inkognito subwoofer is £2k both include vat and  delivery.

Both the SBS.1 and the Inkognitos are active, their power amplification, dacs,  dsp and EQ are built in, they are pre-configured for connection simply connect the speakers to your system and then the sub or subs to each loudspeaker.

Installation is really straightforward and should the speaker's bass extension excite a room mode (boomy bass) then the built in parametric EQ can fix the issue.

The SBS.1/Inkognito combination can produce extremely high SPLs, they can play really loudly without a hint of compression or distortion.

They share the wide, deep soundstage of the

Sigberg Mantas.

The slim Inkognito subwoofer design means you can. position the subs out of the way they can even be hung on a wall.

Elegant, discrete with extreme dynamics the SBS.1's really are spectacular and practical.

The Sigberg Audio 'Mantas' and D10 ( dual opposing 10" subwoofers)

the Sigberg SBS.1 and 'pizza box' 12" Inkognito subs are available for audition at Purité Audio London.

Sigberg D10 dual 10" opposed subwoofer £2400 inc vat.

Sigberg 12" 'Inkognito' subwoofer £1850 inc vat, pictured.

Both Sigberg active subwoofers available in black or white.

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