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Introducing Eversolo's superb new DMP A-8 streamer.

The new Eversolo DMP really is the Swiss Army Knife of audio truly a 'pre-amp' for the 21st century.

It is a streamer, it can play almost everything ,connect to every streaming service, you can add a solid state drive, ( up to 4TB ) and transfer all your ripped CDs and downloaded music to it.

The DMP A-8 is audibly transparent, that means in terms of sound quality there is nothing better, at any price, yes at any price despite what you might read or hear from u-tube 'influencers'!

The A-8 is a dac and an adc, it has both digital and analogue inputs so you can connect everything to it, turntables, cassette deck, reel-to-reel,CD and everything digital, PC, NAS, Bluetooth, it is the perfect hub for your system.

It contains a fully balanced pre-amplifier with +10 dB gain with an R2R ( resistor to resistor ) attenuator.

DSD/PCH, multi channel HDMI, I expect its measurements to be state of the art, I will be sending a unit to Amir at Audio Science Review for measurement.

It has everything including some really useful EQ (equalisation) features

which will improve the sound quality of your room.

Eversolo DMP A-8

Eversolo DMP A-8, the first units are due to arrive either late November or early December.

Having now used the DMP A-6  for a month I have experienced no issues whatsoever, I have used it as both dac and transport, it is completely transparent as its measurements would suggest.

See Amir's ASR review of the Eversolo DMP A-6 for confirmation.

I expect the new A-8 to be every bit as reliable and add the extra functionality, the EQ functions alone could be tremendously useful in curing 'boomy' bass.

I will help all customers to download REW  (Room EQ Wizard) and to measure their room and to implement any filters REW suggests into the DMP A-8.

The Eversolo DMP-A8 is £1850 including VAT and delivery.

We endeavour to keep the entire Eversolo range in stock, the truly excellent DMP A-6 streamer  and the Eversolo Dac  Z-8.

The Eversolo DMP A-8 features include dual high precision femto crystal oscillators, a dual hybrid switching and linear power supply.

Dac chips are top of the line 'velvet' series from AKM.

R2R volume attenuation, essentially every 'audiophile' tickbox has been checked in this design.

Superb measurements equals superb sound quality

All of the Eversolo components are absolutely state of the art, in terms of sound quality and measurement, they will be indistinguishable from any dac/streamer at any price, I realise that is hard to believe, but it is true, look at the measurements!

I am often asked to recommend a competently designed inexpensive dac,/streamer the Eversolo Z8 and DMP A-8 perfectly fits that description.

State of the art yet relatively inexpensive.

Now the new Eversolo DMP-A8 again redefines the streamer market, SOTA performance/measurements/ sound quality at a reasonable price.

 To evaluate any Eversolo unit in your own system give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

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