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Sigberg Audio's Manta four way loudspeaker Purité Audio, London England


Purité Audio are delighted to introduce Thorbjørn Sigberg's new manufacturing company Sigberg Audio.

 Sigberg Audio's incredible new 'Manta', four way, dual cardioid monitor loudspeaker, has arrived and it is superb!

It is immense, incredibly dynamic with a broad deep soundstage, perhaps the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard.

Wide band dual cardioid frequency response, the 'Manta' is designed to be paired with two subwoofers it integrates seamlessly with the Sigberg D10 ( two 10" drivers per sub).

It features extremely wide dynamic range, its cardioid enclosure allows the Manta to play 'through' the room by reducing wall reflections.

Designed from the outset to integrate perfectly with Sigberg's own subwoofers.

Sigberg Audio's brand new 'Manta' four-way dual cardioid loudspeaker design,

coaxial mid and tweeter, dedicated 10"upper bass driver paired with dual Sigberg Audio D10  ( dual 10: drivers per sub) subwoofers.

The Mantas have huge scale, weight and presence and they are dynamic!

We believe that home evaluation is essential, Purité Audio install a complete Sigberg system, acoustically measure your room, discuss the implementation of any parametric EQ, listen, adjust, listen again until you are completely happy.

Where possible we leave your existing system in place so you can easily compare old with new.

Sigberg Audio's ' Manta'four way dual cardioid loudspeaker system.

Perhaps the most dynamic loudspeaker currently available.

Available only at Purité Audio London.

Sigberg Audio's new Manta four way dual cardioid active loudspeaker. The  Mantas  cardioid radiation pattern  covers an exceptionally wide 60-600Hz frequency range without loss of efficiency or adding distortion. Put plainly more and clearer sound arrives at your ears directly from the source, ambience and sound stage are accurately reproduced without being distorted by your room.

Sigberg 'Mantas' £10300.00 per pair including vat,

Purite Audio London have the entire Sigberg Audio range for evaluation.

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