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KEF Audio's superb active LS60 loudspeaker.

KEF was founded in 1961 and was named after their original premises,

 'Kent Engineering and Foundry'.

Raymond Cooke loved music, simply refused to compromise and wasn't afraid to utilise the very latest technology in his loudspeaker designs.

KEF remain measurement led.

KEF have permanently reduced the prices of their 'wireless' range.

The KEF LS60's are now £4499.00 inc vat,

KEFs LS50II Wireless are now £1999.00 inc vat

KEF LSXII wireless £1199.00 again including vat.

KEF LS60 wireless active loudspeakers at Purité Audio London UK

Shaping the future of Hi-Fidelity,

Celebrating 60 years of acoustic innovation, the LS60 is KEFs vision of the future of loudspeaker design.

An all in one loudspeaker system, this isn't just a 'lifestyle' product the LS60 is a cutting edge design with state of the art measurements.

It is all the loudspeaker you will ever need and much more.

Home evaluation is the only valid way

We believe that home evaluation is essential, Purité Audio install a complete KEF system, acoustically measure your room, discuss the implementation of any parametric EQ, linearisation, listen, adjust, listen again until you are completely happy.

Where possible we leave your existing system in place so you can easily compare old with new.

KEF's superb LS60 have a recommended retail price of £4500.00 per pair inc vat, delivery and installation.

Purité Audio have the complete KEF wireless range in stock including the LS60, LS50 mark II and the diminutive LSX,

KEF LS60 now available in Carbon black!

Our aim is simple.

We represent the finest measuring and sounding loudspeakers and components currently available at any price.

We suggest you audition anything and everything that interests you from our range.

We then  install and optimise in your space. ideally keeping your current set-up in situ so that you can readily compare.

KEF UniQ co-axial driver at Purité Audio London

Absolutely for everyone!

I knew from their measurements that the LS60's would sound good.

I didn't expect them to be so good.

They have forced me to re-evaluate my cost/performance expectations.

The LS60s are superb loudspeakers and incredible value for money, outperforming vastly more expensive loudspeakers.

What does all this mean :-  you hear the finest most life-like reproduction available anywhere at a very reasonable price.

To hear any of the KEF range in your own room give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

KEF LS60 wireless active loudspeakers at Purité Audio UK
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