Transparent, completely full-range, constant directivity, infinitely adjustable, simply stunning.

Cardioid midrange response means you hear more direct sound, one of the finest measuring and sounding loudspeakers currently available.

The the culmination of a thirteen year long project to create the ultimate loudspeaker.

You can't really compare components, including loudspeakers unless you can quickly switch between them.

Purité Audio will install and optimise a complete

Dutch&Dutch 8C system in your own room, so you can directly compare the 8c's against your current system, we install,adjust, listen, then leave you to it.

There is no 'selling' involved, because there is simply no need.

A pair of Dutch & Dutch's 8Cs are £11700 inc vat,delivery and optimisation, which includes taking a full measurement suite using REW software and the discussion and implementation of any requisite PEQ filters.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the 8C or how they will integrate into your system, then please do get in touch.

We really enjoy chatting about Hi-Fi.

Dutch & Dutch 8C.

A new paradigm in loudspeaker design.

Martijn Mensink and the team at Dutch&Dutch have created one of the world's finest if not the finest loudspeaker.

They make everything else ( apart from a handful of other measurement led designs which we also represent ) irrelevant.

Dutch & Dutch 8C.

One of the world's finest measuring and sounding loudspeakers, we were the first retailer in the UK (perhaps the world) to represent Dutch&Dutch, they stunned from the outset, they continue to impress.

The 8C and Kii THREE introduced a sea change in loudspeaker design.

The Dutch&Dutch 8C, (the 'C' stands for cardioid) is perhaps my favourite loudspeaker, utterly transparent and they sound fantastic, bass response is unbelievably good, completely full-range means you hear everything. Bass really is fun, especially when there is no 'boom'!

The 8Cs are a complete system within themselves, input either analogue or digital, place them wherever you like, they particularly enjoy being close to the front wall and we adjust to your taste.

They integrate seamlessly with REW ( Room EQ Wizard ) acoustic measurement software, enter all parameters into their 'app', built in parametric EQ and sophisticated tone controls allow you to tailor their sound to your taste.

They are a revelation, to hear a pair for yourself,give us a call.

Purité Audio London.