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Purité Audio are delighted to present :-

Eversolo's new DMP-A6 streamer, standard and 'Master' versions

Eversolo's new DAC-Z8.

Very soon the new DMP A-8!

Eversolo, is a relatively new  manufacturer, although you may be more familiar with their sister company Zidoo, who have garnered a formidable reputation in Audio/visual circles.

Purité Audio are delighted to be the first UK retailer to represent Eversolo, we are currently carrying  their Dac Z-8 and the superb DMP A-6 streamer.

 Eversolo Dac Z-8 and DMP A-6 in stock (standard version) and now the 'Master' Edition.

DMP A-8 on its way.

I have to thank the excellent Audio Science Review forum for initially bringing Eversolo's  Dac Z-8 to my attention, Amir's review noted the superb build quality and state of the art measurements. When I checked out the Eversolo site there was the then soon to be released DMP A-6 streamer, it looked superb and it is indeed superb.

Purité Audio are delighted to be the first UK retailer to carry the Eversolo brand.

The new Eversolo DMP A-8 will arrive shortly!

Eversolo's new DMP-A6 and the Eversolo DAC-Z8, build quality of both components is phenomenal, they literally feel solid.

Smart, understated design, a gorgeous six inch OLED touchscreen, it is a real pleasure to use and behold.

Having now used the DMP for a month I have experienced no issues whatsoever, I have used it as both dac and transport, it is completely transparent as its measurements would suggest.

See Amir's ASR review of the Eversolo DMP A-6 for confirmation.

The Eversolo DMP-A6 is £758 including VAT and delivery.

The DMP A-6 'Master' Edition is £1199 again including VAT and delivery.

The Eversolo DAC-Z8 is £610 including VAT and delivery

both available from Purité Audio now.

Eversolo DMP-A^ streamer Purité Audio England

Quad core ARM Cortex-A55 processor 

2xESS9038Q2M DAC

Supports DSD512 Native 

PCM768KHz at 32Bits MQA full decoding

Fully balanced XLR and RCA single ended output

 Low noise, high quality power supply

Support Roon ready, Spotify connect, Tidal connect

Exclusive mobile app for Android and IOS

Superb measurements equals superb sound quality

Both of the Eversolo components are absolutely state of the art, in terms of sound quality and measurement, they will be indistinguishable from any dac/streamer at any price, I realise that is hard to believe, but it is true, look at the measurements!

I am often asked to recommend a competently designed inexpensive dac, the Eversolo Z8 fits that description.

State of the art yet relatively inexpensive.

The new Eversolo DMP-A6  redefines the streamer market, SOTA performance/measurements/ sound quality at a reasonable price.

 To evaluate either unit in your own system give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

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