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Purité Audio's ex-demonstration and part exchanged product list.

I always advise potential customers that they will almost certainly realise more from a private sale than part-exchanging.

Price reductions on KEF LS50II Wireless and LS60's and KC62 subwoofers.

KEF KC62 Subwoofer Black or Grey.

I have two ex-demonstration KEF KC62 subwoofers for sale, both in perfect condition one is 'carbon black' and matches the pair of KEF LS50 wirelessII loudspeakers i have for sale see below and the other is 'Titanium grey' which matches the pair of KEF LS60 speakers which are belower!

Both in perfect condition, both complete with all original packaging, the KEF

'Connect' APP makes integrating the subwoofers a complete breeze.

Both KEF speakers particularly benefit from the addition of a subwoofer and the KEF KC62 is diminutive but powerful, an ideal match.

RRP is currently around £1400 I am asking £1000.00 inc vat. I will include KEF's KW-1 transmitter/receiver system..

The actual units for sale are pictured, LS50IIs with a KC62 sub become directly comparable with the LS60's!

KEF LS50 WirelessII active loudspeakers, current retail is £2300.00 I am offering this black pair,  complete with all original packaging, which are in perfect unmarked condition for £1750.00 , reduced to £1500.00 inc vat and  I will include KEF's S2 LS50's dedicated stands!

For sale, ex-demonstration KEF LS60 active loudspeakers in grey.

 Perfect condition complete with all original packaging, the new retail price is £4500.

I am offering this pair for £3750 . Reduced to £3500.00 inc vat.

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