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Frederic Jacquot's, Boxem amplifiers are designed and assembled in Schifflange, in the South West of Luxembourg, the amplifiers' circuit boards are also manufactured in Luxembourg and their cases in Metz.

Thoroughly European.

Frederic chose to implement Purifi's 'Eigentakt' technology for his 'Arthur' series of stereo and monobloc amplifier designs.

Purifi is the only manufacturer who has managed to build a mathematically exact model for self-oscillating amplifiers.

This enables a complete optimisation of the amplifiers circuits improving their performance by an order of magnitude over existing implementations.

boXem audio

The boXem 'Arthur' E2 stereo amplifier is £1400.00 which includes vat and delivery.

Available in 'boXem' Orange, Satin Black and Oxidised Grey.

In musical terms the Eigentakt amplification modules deliver highly resolved, stable images across the whole frequency spectrum even during complex programme because of their negligible inter-modulation distortion, IMD.

A total lack of sonic signature, due to their vanishingly low THD ( total harmonic distortion) at any frequency and power level.

Difficult to drive loudspeakers with low impedance are handled with ease, because of their load-invariant frequency response and negligible output impedance.

The 'Arthur' 4215/E2 ( stereo version) can deliver up to 210W into 8 Ω and 450 into 2 Ω.

The 'Arthur' E1 ( monobloc) can deliver 700W into 2Ω.

The Arthur 4215/E2 input buffer board was designed in house as was the( 4222/E1  monobloc ) the circuit includes the gain management switch, Arthur offers three levels of gain, the auto sense circuit which automatically turns the amplifier on and  the I2C bus communication.

OPA1655 op-amps were chosen because of their immaculate performance and the extremely low DC offset allowed by their architecture. 

The boXem 'Arthur' and the rest of the boXem range is available from Purité Audio London.

A switch on the rear of the amplifier allows you to select from three levels of gain, depending upon the output capability of your source.

There are two main targets low noise and the maximum travel of the attenuator.

High gain is optimised for 2V output, 4V for medium and low for components able to output 10V.


The boXem 'Arthur' not only sounds good but looks super smart too, the  aluminium chassis dissipates heat effectively, the top and side cover is formed from one piece finished with a matte scuff resistant paint.

Three faceplate colours are available 'boXem' Orange, Satin Black and Oxidised Grey.

The Arthur has an understated contemporary European aesthetic.

All boXem amplifiers include a package of fault diagnostics to protect the amplifier and your speakers from abnormalities.

Boxem's 'Arthur' Purifi Eigentakt amplifiers have arrived and they are superb, build quality if phenomenal, just beautiful, the best measuring amplifier in the world for £1400.00 including vat and delivery. 

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