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'About' pages, I am not a fan.

I believe that it is the quality of the loudspeakers themselves which determines to a huge extent the quality of sound we perceive in our rooms.

A loudspeaker's measurements entirely characterises a loudspeakers performance.

We only support measurement led loudspeaker designs.

We only represent full-range designs because bass is fun.

Unfortunately the room controls the frequency response of even the finest loudspeaker, particularly in the low bass region, those first few hundred hertz.

To enjoy low bass without 'boom' it is necessary to remove the additional energy that the room adds, our service always includes

acoustic measurement and the implementation of any requisite filters.

This is straightforward because all the equipment we represent, source ( ROON ), dacs ( RME ) and loudspeakers Kii, KEF, Dutch&Dutch and Sigberg Audio all include EQ filters.

To determine a components performance look at its measurements, not its price.

If you are interested in genuinely better sound quality then please give us a call, I thoroughly enjoy chatting about stereos.

If you are more interested in a Hi-Fi 'shrine' to impress the neighbours then there are many other retailers available.

Keith Cooper,

Purité Audio Ltd 2024.

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