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Wiim Pro Plus

The superb new Wiim Pro Plus streamer, from Linkplay.

 The new 'Pro Plus' streamer from Linkplay, superb measurements from both analogue and digital outputs.

Simplicity itself to install and set up, straightforward step by step guide provided by the excellent Wiim app.

Wiim Pro Plus

Ridiculously affordable

Incredibly versatile

Superb state of the art measurements

Digital and Analogue inputs

Digital and analogue outputs

Wiim Pro Plus

'Audiophile' 192 kHz/24 bit quality streaming.

From an elegant understated compact component.

It even has built graphic equaliser and parametric EQ.

You may find it hard to believe that such a compact and inexpensive unit offers the very same sound quality

as multi thousand pound components but that is exactly what the Wiim Pro Plus delivers.

One cannot purchase a more transparent device at any price.

Audibly transparent.

Just add a pair of contemporary active loudspeakers and you have a state of the art system.

The Wiim Pro Plus is capable of attenuating its digital output which makes it ideal for modern active loudspeakers allowing only one D/A conversion.

Superb measurements, super sound quality,elegant design.

Wiim's Pro Plus offers suberb engineering in terms of technical performance it is absolutely state of the art, in terms of sound quality the Pro Plus will be indistinguishable from any streamer at any price, including even very much more expensive designs.

State of the art, understated elegance.

To listen to the Wiim Pro Plus and compare it in your own system give us a call.

Purité Audio, London.

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