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Eversolo DMP A-8 v A-6 Blood on the Tracks!

Here it is, my 'What I did in the last two weeks of solid rain' homework.

Eversolo DMP A-8 versus Eversolo DMP A-6 Master. I used the Master version because it was here and the standard wasn't and I had already compared the two A-6 versions level matched and unsighted and couldnt hear any difference whatsoever.

There is a short write up somewhere here if you can be bothered to look.

I compared as always using the same method, steady state tone from the excellent and indispensible REW ( Room EQ Wizard) I prefer 440Hz but other frequencies are available.

Adjust and measure with my REK millivolt meter at the two devices analogue outputs until they are .1dB within each other.

Ask an unwilling but available teenager to switch between devices in Roon, Roon seems to get a lot of stick 'bloated' doesnt sound as good etc but I have found it to be by far the best, most solid and most useful playback software I have used.

Listening tests results :-

No difference in sound quality between them that I or unwilling teenager could discern.

I would have asked my wife ( who wasnt in the kitchen ) but now when I mention anything to do with audio I just get a wry half smile, pity I suppose.

I have read a couple, three actually of A-8 'reviews', they are not unlike Goldilocks and the Three Bears, one review was absolutely fulsome, another there was more than a touch of sour grapes ( perhaps Eversolo asked for the unit back) and the third was pretty even handed the reviewer only letting himself down slightly when towards the end he allowed an old audio 'chestnut' to creep in , 'house sound' .

He also didnt think it was quite as good as a more expensive unit whose manufacturer also happened to advertise pretty heavily on that particular site, althogh I am sure those two factors didnt influence him in the slightest.

I had to buy my A-8 but I do sell them so I can hardly criticise.

The cold and slightly congealed take-away is this, the Eversolo products that ASR has measured so far ( Z-8 dac and DMP A-6) have been audibly transparent which means that you cannot buy a 'better' product, it is just impossible whatever you may read, whatever their financial relationship may be to their editior, PR company or manufacturer.

The DMP A-8 adds some features which I find really useful, the PEQ for example can really improve the sound of your system, not an imaginery 'grounding box' improvement but it can completely eradicate 'boomy' bass which of course allow

s you to use absolutely full range loudspeakers in your room, imagine LS3/5a owners Bass!

I also hooked it up to my turntable, which was cool althogh I discovered that my phono stage has lost a channel, so a mixed blessing there.

Next time, do reviewers prefer to keep the equipment under review or prefer a flat fee.

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