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Lange Loudspeakers SA started its activities back in 1992. The company’s roots are founded in the design and manufacturing of high-power horn loaded loudspeakers as well as line arrays.

Today, Lange Loudspeakers SA is introducing a growing family of high-end loudspeakers utilising aluminium as material for the enclosures and custom-engineered loudspeaker components.

Our first pair of Lange active 'Yocto' should be here in a few weeks time.

I have extremely high hopes, a pair of Yocto and subwoofer could be the ultimate small room/ nearfield / desk set-up.

Lange loudspeakers

The YOCTO is an entirely Aluminium CNC machined loudspeaker as well as the most compact model Lange Loudspeakers SA is introducing in 2022, hence its name YOCTO, which corresponds to One Septillionth of a unit in the SI Metric System.

Solving the problems inherent in coaxial loudspeakers as well as two-way or more-way systems the YOCTO radiates sound in space from a single diaphragm with consistent directivity and high-end performance representing something as an ideal in loudspeaker design. There is no crossover point between midrange and tweeter and this has consistent advantages in terms of performance. Another improvement is the absence of any decoupling technology between the driver and the cabinet because the driver is part of a strong and stiff CNC machined aluminum enclosure. The distinctive shape of the enclosure eliminates diffraction present in loudspeakers that have a baffle hosting numerous drivers granting an almost perfect interaction with the listening room.

The transducer incorporates different advances and reinterpretations of loudspeaker manufacturing techniques. From a CNC machined diaphragm to a CNC-machined frame and a dedicated, individually tuned passive network every detail has been carefully considered to achieve the best possible performance.



YOCTO is designed and manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers SA in Switzerland, including the drive unit.

Absesce of tonal coloration



In a YOCTO system most of the parts that are known to degrade a good soundtrack are absent. There is no baffle adding diffracted energy, there is no crossover dividing tweeter from midrange, there is no tweeter and there is not even a dust cap on top of the high-tech diaphragm, there is no reflex tube, no passive radiator, no need for Baffle Step


All Lange loudspeakers are now active!


 Lange loudspeakers of Switzerland,  'Yocto,'

Single driver:- 100 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response

Identical and horizontal dispersion creating an incredible wide and deep soundstage.

Anti-Resonance full aluminium CNC machined enclosure

CNC machined 3D diaphragm,

Phase Plug enhanced response

Coherent coverage on stated frequency response

Exceptionally realistic reproduction, the Yocto is now fully active, and includes pre configured subwoofer integration.

Lange 'Yocto' the ultimate nearfield full-range loudspeaker system.

Available only at Purité Audio London.

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