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Wiim vs Eversolo DMP A-8 Streaming only!

I thought it might be interesting to compare unsighted two streamers at two distinct price points and as I have the Wiim Pro Plus here and the Eversolo DMP A-8 it might as well be these.

This test was purely to compare the two units as 'streamers', both Wiim and Eversolo are connected to my local network and both appear in Roon as airplay devices.

For the test I used two pairs of identical KEF active loudspeakers which have an optical input. Roon sees both devices and allows me to switch between them instantly, I set the internal volume of both speakers to maximum.

Eversolo DMP A-8 Internal player, optical output to KEFs

Wiim Pro Plus optical output to KEFS.

I have a pink noise file in my Roon Nucleus' SSD which I use to check level with an SPL meter.

Over the holidays I was able to listen at length, switching between the two pair, purely comparing the Wiim Pro Plus and Eversolo DMP A-8 as pure streamers using the internal DACs on the KEF LSXII's.

If you have read any of my previous 'blogs' this is going to sound frighteningly familiar but I couldn't hear any difference between the two streamers.

I suppose the next step is obtain a really expensive streamer and compare that level matched and unsighted.

I also intend to compare the Eversolo and Wiim pro Plus using their analogue outputs ie using their internal dacs, from their respective measurements there 'should' be no discernible difference once level matched and compared unsighted.

I have some new Sigberg Audio SBS.s active loudspeakers arriving this week which I am looking forward to but ideally two pairs of identical passive loudspeakers perhaps March Audio's hugely impressive Sointuvas!


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1 Comment

Brian Hall
Brian Hall
Jan 16

Comparing the A6 to the Pro Plus on RCA outputs on my main system, I don't think I could tell any difference. Didn't get fancy with the testing. It was just yeah, they both sound great. I like having the screen on the A6 to be able to see what is playing. I guess I paid the extra just for the extra features on the A6. No regrets there.

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