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ASCILAB are new, new new new they couldn't be newer!

From the very outset the company purchased their own Klippel NFS ( Klippel Near Field system) which are not cheap!. Their designs are entirely measurement led, thank goodness.

Loudspeakers based on actual science and research rather then bullshit marketing.

Best of all they aren't aimed at the 'oligarch' market, when a customer asks, what is the best inexpensive loudspeaker' I can now answer ASCILAB.

ASCILAB loudspeakers
ASCILAB website will be available soon.

The material for the loudspeaker's enclosure consists mainly of Aluminium Hydroxide which is two to three times more effective than MDF/HDF.

There is a photograph of the prototype enclosure above.

The first design to be released with be their A6B active version ( the passive A6 will follow in short order).

Which will consist of a 6.5" Aluminium Purifi woofer a 1" tweeter housed in a custom waveguide and twin passive Purifi radiators .

Preliminary measurements are, as one would expect state of the art.

Computer modelling of the waveguide overleaf.

ASCILAB A6B Passive version specification,

2-Way passive bookshelf loudspeaker/monitor,

1" Alumina Ceramic dome tweeter, custom waveguide with phase plug,

6" Alumina Ceramic woofer

LW 4th order crossover

1.1kHz crossover frequency

Size WxHxD 197x385x265mm 

ASCILAB @ Purité Audio London.

Rarely am I excited by a new product, but ASCILAB is a wonderful exception.

Superb measurement led design and thus truly transparent sound at an affordable price.

RRP of the Active A6B is $4990 the UK price will be an exact conversion.

First deliveries expected later this summer.

The future of loudspeaker design.


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