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Weiss + PSI superlative Swiss engineering!

Weiss engineering of Switzerland, their background is in professional  audio, they still make pro audio equipment alongside their domestic audio equipment.

Weiss make supremely well designed and implemented components, they always measure spectacularly, they are honest and just like their designer Daniel Weiss have integrity.

Weiss equipment  is often cited in reviews as having the very finest measurements available, they include genuinely useful features, for example variable analogue output and properly dithered digital attenuation.

Weiss do not introduce a new product every six months, their components are designed to have longevity.

 Modular in design a Weiss component can always be upgraded at the factory to fit the latest connection protocol or for example to be compatible with a new audio codec.


Illusonic IAP8

PSI Audio of Switzerland

PSI are another highly respected loudspeaker manufacturer , based like Weiss in Switzerland.

Their active monitors are highly regarded in professional audio circles.

I first encountered PSI when Christof faller of Illusonic used them at the Munich H-End audio show.

PSI manufacture their own unique Class-G amplifiers and their own tweeters, the majority of loudspeaker manufacturers 'buy-in' their drivers.

We have just taken delivery of PSI's new AVAA active bass traps!


The AVAA is designed to absorb the standing modes between 15 and 150 Hz in a room. It will do so just like passive absorbers but in a much more efficient way and using up much less space. Each operating AVAA will have the same effect as a hole in the wall much larger than the dimensions of the AVAA (that is 0.2 m2). The exact ratio will depend on the frequency and environment but typically range between 5 and 20.

The AVAA will affect the impedance of the air and “suck” low frequencies around it.
Therefore the best position to place an AVAA is in the most rigid corners as that is where all room modes will be most present.

Apart from positioning and switching on, no further set up is required. 

PSI Audio's A17-M monitors

Weiss and PSI at Purité Audio

Purité Audio have always held Daniel Weiss' designs in very high regard,.
John Atkinson in his Stereophile  Dac202 review stated that the DAC 202 was the finest measuring piece of equipment he had measured in his 25 year career.
We have just taken delivery of our first PSI AVAA bass absorption modules!
Just e-mail or telephone to make an appointment to hear the Weiss/PSI combination for yourself.

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