Mola-Mola Tambaqui

Mola-Mola's new stand alone Tambaqui Dac arrives next week, Andy Baker the UK Mola distributor did tell me what Tambaqui means but I have forgotten.

When Purité Audo retailed Mola the first time around this was the product that I really wanted to hear, development literally took years.

Designed by bruno Putzeys and bart Van Lamm the Mola dac is meant to be the cat's pyjamas the very best you can have.

Molas preamp the makua was completely transparent and the Hypex, Ncore based power amps the 'Kalugas' were amongst the finest I have used

Mola claim 'digital as good as analogue' well I hope it is better than that!

Half case format, lossless digital volume control, it is 'Roon ready', it is a PWM dac which Mola claim is better than anything, sigma-delta, r2r, NOS you name it.

Signal to noise ratio is a claimed 130 dB!

If I am honest I am sceptical with regard to dacs but i respect Bruno and Bart's work and Andy baker made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

More after I have actually plugged it in.

As good as his word the Tambaqui has arrived, it is heavy!

Front view,

Rear view,

Plugging in now..


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