Kii THREE versus Kii THREE + BXT!

I really like the Kii THREE loudspeaker, from the moment Bruno explained the principles behind the design it immediately made sense.

A compact design, yet completely full range, a cardioid response so that you ear more direct and less reflected sound.

Completely phase coherent, sophisticated boundary filters enabling you to individually adjust each speaker to obtain perfect balance.

When the Kii 'control' was introduced the 'THREE' became for most listeners the perfect system.

A pair of Kiis the control, just add sources of your choice, digital or analogue, a elegant system that everyone could use and enjoy.

Mitch Barnett wrote a comprehensive review of the Kii THREE for 'Computer Audiophile', Mitch isn't a 'professional' reviewer he is an ex mix/mastering engineer who has written books on digital signal processing pertaining to audio reproduction, so an authority with a technical background.

Also notable is Paul Wilke's review of the Kii THREE for Audio Express,

This is the Kii THREE loudspeaker's measured frequency response as captured by Mitch Barnett.

You can clearly see that at 20Hz the bass is perhaps 5dB down on a really 'ideal' response, usually we look for a 10dB difference between 20Hz and 20kHz, the classic downward ski slope in room target curve.

For a compact loudspeaker this is remarkable.

The big question what will the new Kii BXT module add?

The new BXT module can be added to any existing Kii THREE, I believe there is just a firmware upgrade, and then the BXT connects via this pair of umbilicals.

Power lead connected through the base of the BXT.

What will the BXT add, well 8 x 6.5" drivers, in total 12 x 250 watt power amplifiers one per driver.

Controlled directivity ( cardioid response) will now extend down to 54Hz, and maximum SPL , sound pressure levels will rise dramatically.

The BXT module doesn't raise the height of the Kii it is no taller than when seated on its dedicated stand.

Bruno discusses the BXT, its abilities and how by adding drivers underneath the Kii/BXT becomes a line source which helps with floor bounce, and the inevitable floor cancellation that stand mount speakers usually suffer from.

The £27k question, (in the UK the Kii THREE/BXT sub module and Kii control will have a recommended retail of £27k) is how does the standard kii THREE compare the the THREE/BXT?

Purité Audio hopefully should receive our first BXT modules mid/late December.

We have already taken delivery of the latest BXT ready head units and 'controls' and are just awaiting the BXT modules themselves.

The Kii THREE/BXT has the potential to be without question the finest loudspeaker currently manufactured at any price!

Although £27k is hardly inexpensive when you consider that everything is included and that all you have to add are sources of your choice, either digital or analogue, then the combination

really isn't that expensive relative to the level of performance it delivers.

more to follow as soon as the Kii BXT modules actually arrive.


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