Sonoma Model One headphones arrive!

Warwick Acoustics, formerly Warwick Audio Technologies, developed the Sonoma model One headphones here in the UK, industrial design was from their US division, and the Sonoma name is licensed as Warwick's CTO used to work for Sonoma during the period they co-developed SACD with Sony.

The Model one is an electrostatic design using an extremely light membrane developed by Warwick, the Model One also includes the headphones energiser and also built in is an extremely high quality dac.

Above is the integrated amplifier/dac.

The headset itself is made from magnesium and is incredibly light, sound quality is really extraordinary.

You hear everything, the sound is perfectly balanced from the high to bass frequencies.

Warwick said they wanted to make a headphone that sounded like the very finest monitor in a perfect acoustic and they have succeeded.

The Model One has really changed my opinion of headphone listening, light, airy and comfortable sound doesn't appear to be 'in' your head like most headphones.

Come and hear exactly what is possible in terms of headphone sound quality at Purité Audio.

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