Purité's big day out, well morning

George Apsion of Kore-Studios asked me to bring down a pair of D&D's 8Cs to West London to take part in a three way speaker shoot out!

George and Mark were charming as was Tom from KMR who bought along some 'Pro' Kii THREEs and some PSIs their 215s.

Kore is a 'proper' studio,it was fascinating to hear all three speakers in a professionally created environment.

George mentioned how important it was that the ambient noise of the studio be extremely low and it was quiet!

George wanted to compare,

Dutch&Dutch 8C

PSI 215


Tom from KMR brought along a clever switch box enabling instant switching and trim for the speakers.

The room sounded super, it was the first time I had heard the 8Cs without any bass overhang whatsoever, a really coherent even sound.

More to follow...


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