Optimising the sound quality of your room/system

How do you really achieve the finest possible sound from your system, purchase expensive cables? NO!

Acoustically measure your room ( REW software is free ) we can lend you a microphone.

Actually seeing the speakers' response is always enlightening

Yesterday I sat with two charming gentlemen who had come to compare the KII THREE and Dutch&Dutch 8C loudspeakers, there was a slight resonance from both speakers which was noticeable when we played an Isaac Hayes track, the resonance wasn't anything to do with the speakers but is caused by air vibrating at a specific frequency, this is simply because of the physical dimensions of your room, a room mode.

The red trace on the screen ( unsmoothed ) is the sound pressure level of the 8Cs over frequency

it shows a slight peak at around 40Hz which correlates exactly with the physical length of my room.

The 8Cs have built in EQ, one can adjust the frequency of the filter the amount of gain or negative gain and the 'Q' the width of the bell curve that one applies.

Both the Kii THREE and Dutch&Dutch 8C have a cardioid response, this simply means that less off-axis sound is propagated into the room, this creates a clearer, sharper sound allowing you to hear more of the recording.

I am certain that both of these speakers point to the future of loudspeaker design, both are a revelation even when compared to a solid traditional loudspeaker such as out active ATC 50's.

When you hear either of these loudspeakers in your own room, compared directly to your current system it will be immediately obvious the improvement in sound quality they bring, irrespective of the cost of your current system.

Hear the Dutch&Dutch and KII THREEs at Purité Audio, London.


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