Active monitors with Cardioid response!

We/I ( Purité Audio) receive a lot of enquiries asking how the Kii THREE and Dutch&Dutch loudspeakers compare, both in terms of subjective sound quality and objective measurement, mostly potential customers just want to hear what they both sound like and secondly how much they cost!

In the UK at the moment the D&D 8Cs have an srp of £8995 inc vat, Kiis latest pice rise which only affects the domestic Kii THREE versions ( pro models are now £600 cheaper) makes the Kiis close to £11k inc vat, stands are an extra £900 and the 'custom' colours option have just risen again by another 500 Euros per pair which makes a 'custom' colour pair close to £13k!

I am not sure whether D&D will market their own stand but this pair from UK manufacturer 'Custom Design' were only a few hundred pounds and are more than adequate.

The acoustic centre of the 8C is midway between woofer and tweeter, that should be at ear height .

The 8Cs create their cardioid response by an ingenious cabinet design and two rear facing 8" woofers, it is something like a cardioid microphone but in reverse.

The 8Cs output can be adjusted via their 'app' you simply adjust each speaker individually, distance from the rear wall from 10-50cm and the distances from the side walls.

The speakers also have a 'free field' setting.

The results are spectacular, bass is incredibly punchy, bass notes are separated and appear to form in their own space, bass response extends flat in my room down to 20Hz .

The 8cs like the Kiis have one XLR connection which can be either analogue or digital, you can select from either the rear of the speaker or via their app.

There is also provision for a subwoofer, which again can be integrated seamlessly via the 8c's app.

The speakers do not need the subwoofer to add extension but can be used to actively destroy room modes, something I am keen to experiment with in the future.

The app also controls volume attenuation, the 8Cs already appear as a ROON endpoint, soon a system will consist of just a computer running as the ROON 'core' and a pair of 8cs!

The 8cs are a similar height and depth to the Kii but they are wider and significantly heavier 32kg to the kiis 15kg per piece.

I intend to make some measurements of both speakers tomorrow, I will use REW ( Room EQ wizard ) software, both speakers and microphone position will be identical, I will match volume via REWs signal generator and SPL meter.

i will publish the MDAT files and you can examine all the measurement parameters...


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