Comparing loudspeakers is a serious business!

Alex from Swift mastering popped over and we spent the day listening to loudspeakers, just like any 'domestic' listener Alex has a number of tracks he uses to assess new designs.

Here we were comparing the Kii THREE with Dutch & Dutch's 8C, both fed from Tidal\ROON on my Macbook, it is times like this that I envy Harman and their loudspeaker 'shuffler' which can position a new speaker in a matter of seconds.

Alex had the controls, the Kii 'control' to be exact and the remote for the Weiss INT interface which we were using to attenuate the 8Cs.

The Dutch&Dutch are like the Kiis a complete system within themselves, everything is built in,

volume attenuation ,input selection ( digital and analogue) boundary and contour filters are accessed from an app.

It is really interesting being able to compare loudspeakers ( almost ) instantly, both speakers acquited themselves exceptionally well.

If you would like to hear the very latest loudspeaker designs then call or email Purité Audio .


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