Weiss DAC501/502

The new Weiss DAC501 has literally just arrived!

The 501 model is the half case version, a direct replacement for the excellent DAC202, the 502 model is a full width case, resembling the MAN301 Network player, essentially the same dac the 502 has an extra headphone socket on the rear.

The 501 has variable analogue output which is really useful and a trademark of recent Weiss designs, a separate headphone amp, fancy 'furutech' connectors!

It also has some more unusual features, including some basic room EQ, 'creative equalizer' to tailor the sound to your taste.

And even vinyl 'simulation' not sure I want my digital to sound like vinyl, but its there if you wish, there is also 'de-essing' a feature borrowed from Weiss' pro model which removes sibilance.

Crosstalk cancellation, for the playback of 'dummy head' recordings, and even an 'out of head' algorithm again for headphone users.

There is a remote, an LCD touchscreen and rotary encoder for changing parameters.

I will plug it in and compare to our standard Benchmark Dac3.


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