Illusonic ,superlative sound made easy!

I have re-arranged the passive treatment in the 'Cessaro Liszt' room, we use RPG's Modex panels and membrane corner traps, Christof ( Illusonic ) has just introduced some improvements to his room measuring/correction software including distortion measurements and a 'virtual' headphone facility which allows him to 'listen' to my room even though I am here and he is 'there' in Switzerland.

The Illusonic processor is really easy to use, it must be because even I can manage it!

You need a microphone I use a variety but the sexiest is my new iSEM 7150-EMX an interface the Behringer is £40 delivered.

You need a computer Mac or PC,the Illusonic works with everything, you plug the mic into the Behringer and the Behringer into the computer, the behringers output goes into the Illusonic.

The Illusonic's software is sequential you just follow it step by step, it evens works out the correct microphone positions depending upon your room size,shape ,speaker and listening position.

You run a test sweep to check output levels and press 'measure' move the microphone into the next position and measure again.

The very best part, that is all you have to do, you save the files and e-mail them to Illusonic, Christoph weaves his magic and you simply download the new equalisation into the Illusonic IAP processor, you have access to the software so you can fiddle to your hearts content, Illusonic can see your processor remotely and remedy anything untoward.

The result, the best sound quality I have ever experienced in my rooms, far better sound quality than through my own efforts with Trinnov,Tact, Acourate and Dirac software.

The Illusonic IAP processors I use here replace preamps, phono stages,dacs,ADCs, tone controls, EQ, you can integrate your sub-woofers or activate your loudspeakers creating the perfect DSP crossover, you can up mix two channel audio to multi channel, you can alter the amount of direct,reflected and ambient sound to create the perfect 'soundstage image' for each recording.

The Illusonic does everything, it is the perfect Hi-Fi component.

An Illusonic processor can replace five,six or seven separate hi-fi components in your system and improve the sound quality you enjoy,contact Purité Audio for a demonstration or home evaluation.

The correction that Christof created for the Cessaro 'Liszts' is superb,the Illusonic has a new 'immersive' software option, it is superb allowing you to adjust the sense of space around the recording, with well recorded material it really places you in the venue.

This afternoon I re-measured our rear listening room, I use an Illusonic IAP4 there with a variety of speakers including our ATC 'classic' active 50's,

The new software allows you to adjust microphone placement according to the layout of the room, because I sit relatively close to the rear wall I chose that option whilst measuring.

The equalisation Christof created is again superb, correcting the slight mid-range suck out experience and tamely the room's 37Hz fundamental standing wave.

If you would like to hear how Illusonic IAP processors can optimise your listening room , just give Purité Audio a call, we make sound work!


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