Benchmark's superb AHB2 Amplifier

I have been using Benchmark's AHB2 stereo amplifier in my system for a couple of months, the AHB2 replaced a pair of Mola-Mola's 'Kaluga' monoblocs which I rate extremely highly.

I was worried that the Benchmark would be a downgrade...

The Benchmark contains some very interesting new technology including THX's - patented Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology to achieve high efficiency and incredibly low distortion.

Combining Class-H and Class A/B with feed-forward error correction.

Each channel has a main A/B amplifier and an ultra clean low power auxiliary error-correction amplifier.

The THX system ensures that both amplifiers are combined to produce a perfect null of distortion components ,much more efficient than traditional feedback error correction systems, distortion does not change with load and does not rise near maximum loading.

Difficult loads are driven with perfect clarity,the AHB2 is virtually distortion free at both low and high levels of output and everywhere in between!

Versatility, the AHB2 has three selectable levels of gain, so you can maximise the gain structure and signal to noise ratio of your system.

Benchmark designed a 'resonant switch mode power supply. for the AHB2 ,resonant supplies switch at low voltage and low current and are much quieter than traditional SMPS'.

The AHB2 has a sophisticated digital protection system, which monitors all the critical functions of the amplifier, protecting the amp from overload and faults, circuits to detect temperature, current, voltage ,distortion , DC offset ,short circuits and loss of audio.

So what does the AHB2 sound like?

Well it sounds fantastic, it is completely silent in operation, it just amplifies!

It even switches itself off if it doesn't detect a music signal, you can select after how long the amp switches off.

It is in my opinion the perfect amp, powerful, ( it has a huge damping factor) quiet,efficient it is compact, runs cool, and completely silent.

If one isn't enough two AHB2's can be bridged to produce 480 watts into 6 ohms.

If you would like to hear the Benchmark AHB2 either here or within your own system just drop me a line through the Purité Audio site.


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