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Horns, their part in my downfall!

I had never heard horn loudspeakers, I had always imagined 'pipe and slippers' , thick cable knitwear , they were just 'odd' I had always owned mainstream loudspeakers from the major manufacturers.

I auditioned a turntable and the distributor used a pair of Avantgarde 'Trios' at that time one of the very few horn loudspeakers available in the UK.

There was something very beguiling about their sound, the way they filled the room, quite literally filled the room.

I mentioned my experience online and someone suggested that I should check out a new German horn manufacturer 'Cessaro'.

I wrote to Cessaro asking where I could audition their horns.

At the same time I was corresponding with Thomas Woschnick regarding arm and cartridge combinations for my new TW turntable,he suggested flying over for the weekend .

When we arrived at Thomas' there to my surprise was Ralph from Cessaro, I didn't know but Ralph and Thomas had been friends for a number of years,Ralph had purchased an early example of Thomas' turntable.

Thomas had heard a prototype of a five way horn at Ralph's, that speaker went on to become the Cessaro 'Gamma', Thomas told me that after he heard the horns he couldn't bear to listen to his own system for two weeks!

Thomas asked Ralph to make him a smaller three way horn , that speaker was the first 'Alpha'.

It was serendipitous Ralph and Thomas knowing each other, I writing independently to both of them at the same time.

We purchased the third pair of Cessaro's ever made 'Alphas' in Macassar Ebony veneer.

Cessaro has grown out of all recognition, they are unquestionably the 'go to' manufacturer if you desire the very best.

Above is the five way Cessaro 'Beethoven' shown in Cessaro's new demonstration showroom in Frankfurt.

These are the four way 'Carmen' this particular pair I believe have the field coil driver option, the Carmen is essentially the same as the pair of Liszts we have here but with a 15" upper bass driver rather than the 12" unit fitted to the Liszt.

Ralph dosn't enjoy compromise, he uses only the finest compression ( TAD) and dynamic drivers, TAD, Supravox and GIP.

Construction can only be described as massive!

If you would like to hear Cessaro horns, telephone or email Purité Audio to book a


I found a photograph of our original pair of Cessaro 'Alpha's' these were ,I believe the third pair of Cessaro loudspeakers ever made.

Soon to be joined by the smaller Cessaro 'Affascinate' now discontinued.

When we started to import Cessaro horns one other horn loudspeaker importer was particularly critical, publicly calling them 'shit', the same gentleman now uses a pair as his 'reference'.


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