'Burn -In', burnt out?

I saw this the other day, a manufacturer recommending a 600 hour 'burn-in' period!

What elements in modern electronics can possibly take 600 hours to 'burn-in'?

What does 'burn-in' even mean, does the manufacturer expect the specifications of components to change, and if they do why can't they deliver a product which has already reached its operational specification.

These products nearly always seem to improve after 'burn-in' hardly ever do you hear of a product's sound quality worsening!

I even saw an 'isolation' device for which the manufacturer recommended a short 'burn-in' period!

I would like to collate all the most ridiculously long 'burn-in' periods and award a prize to the lengthiest

So if you see something longer than our current 600 hour champion could you contact me through the Purité Audio site and I will add them to this article.

It has been suggested that 'burn-in' only exists to allow the retailer to reply ,when you complain about your new product that, 'it hasn't 'burnt-in' yet!

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