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One of my favourite websites is ''.

Archimago really cuts through the usual 'audiophile' BS.

The site is full of interesting articles, including comparative measurements,everything from

IPhones, to MQA,comparing hugely expensive amplifiers to relatively inexpensive units.

Updated regularly it is a really worthwhile read.

My other recommendation are the hugely informative videos produced by Monte Montgomery,

'Digital show and tell'


'a digital media primer'

Both videos explode many of the digital FUD spread around by the 'dinosaurs' of audio who would have you believe that 'digital is the devil's handmaiden'!

Purité Audio is a bullshit free zone, and always will be.

I wanted to update this thread with Archimago's latest dissection of a seminar given bt Steve Silberman of 'Audioquest' at last years RMAF, al of Archimago's blogs are interesting and this one, 'computer audio demystified' is worth perusal.


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