Collating Kii THREE reviews

I just noticed this Kii THREE review from 'Tape OP' the reviewer first became interested in the Kii THREE after reading Phil Wards original 'Sound on Sound' review which Purité Audio arranged.

The very latest Kii review by Kalman Rubinson for Stereophile.

Another excellent review by the ever dependable Kalman Rubinson with measurements by John Atkinson.

Hear the Kii THREE active loudspeakers for yourself at Purité Audio, London.

Another couple of recent additions to the Kii archive, Mono & Stereo featured the Kii assembly process, obviously posed because whenever I speak to them they are drinking coffee from their new espresso machine!

Also the 'Part-time Audiophile' wrote a very positive review of the Kii THREE at the recent US 'Axpona' show,

Srajan at Six Moons has finished his Kii THREE review, there are quite a few pages but it is worth persevering to the very end for a couple of interesting quotes from Bruno Putzeys.


' In terms of sample-rate conversion, it's worth mentioning that we designed our own software-based SRC because we wanted full control over jitter attenuation and impulse response. I found that filters with a relatively broad transition band (i.e. short impulse response) and extremely low in-band ripple are the most transparent. You've probably noticed that even RedBook comes rather close to high res. This is the underlying reason. Using super-high sample rates is a poor substitute for correct filter design. All data types with the Three end up converted to the same internal format but each input rate has filters designed specifically for it. The only 'disadvantage' of this is that you can't varispeed the digital signal but I guess it's not really something folks do anyway. Our internal DSP processing is 40-bit floating point. This means that no resolution is lost by digital attenuation. The connection to the DAC is fixed point but the output is fully dithered. People still don't believe it but dithering truly turns quantisation errors into pure noise that's indistinguishable from ordinary analogue noise. An item we're quite proud of is our IIR filter structure. It's completely different from the normal 'direct form' implementation that, AFAIK, literally everyone else uses. '

And this,

'You've probably heard that IIR filters supposedly have significant noise problems when used at bass frequencies. Well, the direct-form types effectively do whereas our version is very quiet for a given word length. So with 40-bit floats, we're getting performance that with direct-form filters would require 64-bit DSP. Finally, floor bounce is not addressed - or only marginally if probably a tiny bit better than normal. Doing so would have either required even more woofers; or a larger cabinet. When we started the project, we settled on the dictum "choose your battles", meaning we didn't want to invent the perfect beast, then never finish the project."

The Six Moons review can be found here,

The first review was organised by Purité Audio and published in January by Sound on Sound magazine, Sound on Sound is a highly respected 'pro audio' magazine, the reviewer was Phil Ward who as well as being completely charming is knowledgeable and experienced having heard many fine contemporary monitors.

'Studio' magazine's review,translated into in English,

Another German magazine, 'Audio' were the first to review a prototype pair of Kii THREEs,

Audio Express' have just published their review of the Kii THREE which includes measurements from the anechoic chamber at Delft University,it is a superb review and the independent measurements corroborate Kii's own,

The 'Six Moons' audio magazine has an ongoing review,of the Kiis, I believe that Srajan is just waiting for the newly released 'Kii Control' to complete the review.

How could I forget Bob Macc's superb review, Bob was one of our first Kii THREE customers and purchased a pair unheard!

Martin Colloms has just reviewed the Kiis for Hi-Fi Critic, Martin is pretty hard to impress,

I have been remiss keeping this thread up to date!

Martin Colloms review for HiFi Critic has just been released, other recent reviews include

the 'What Hi-Fi' review,

Jason Kennedy for the 'EAR'

The 'Stereophile' review with measurements!

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