Do measurements correlate with what we hear?

We have a number of fine measuring loudspeakers here, the Kii THREE, Grimm LS1,ATC SCM50 ASL, Manger Audio's c1, PSI and very soon Dutch&Dutch's brand new 8C active monitors.

I thought it might be interesting to acoustically measure each loudspeaker in the same position in the same room, all passive acoustic treatment removed.

I am hoping that if I measure each loudspeaker with the same microphone,from the exact same positions we might be able to correlate the 'sound' of the loudspeaker with its in-room measurements.

I will use REW ( room EQ wizard ) software ,I might even manage some off-axis measurements which will be windowed to try and remove the room's contribution to the sound a pseudo-anechoic measurement .

To whet your appetite here are a couple of very quick measurements of the KII THREE and ATC SCM50 ASL's.

These were measured with Dirac software, both speakers hauled into the same positions and microphone positions were exactly the same .

I chose to position the speakers away from the corners of the room, I thought this would be fairer on the ATCs which being a traditional design do not have the cardiod response of the Kii THREE.

The two plots:,

More to follow:-


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