Kii THREE 'control' part two

Having spent an evening experimenting and having read the manual!

There are some interesting new features that the 'control' offers over and above the standard 'rear of speaker' set-up.

The 'knob' has four functions, volume attenuation, mute/dim ,just touching the knob or any of the buttons turns the speakers 'on', a two second push turns them off, and it used to 'scroll' through the menu.

Coax nut is up to 24/192 s/pdif

USB 24/384kHz DSD64/DSD128

There is a neat 'preset' feature, you just set the parameters you require and they are entered, useful if you wish to switch from low to normal latency , select input, adjust contour filters or set the volume to a certain level.

From the menu you can select,

Which speaker is 'master', adjust boundary and contour filters, adjust XLR input, auto standby mode, LED brightness.

Within the 'advanced' menu you can adjust mute/dim, latency, polarity ,limiter indicator ,programme all the presets,set IR remote settings and restore defaults.

The boundary filter settings offer even finer adjustment than the encoder on the rear of the speakers, each channel can be adjusted seperately .

The Kii 'control' also hugely expands the possibilities of the contour filter settings ,before there were 16 pre configured options with the 'control' there are two independently configurable filters.

This EQ is called 'Baxendale EQ' great flexibility with only four parameters.

With 'Auto-standby' you can select to manually turn the loudspeakers 'on' or 'off ' .

Usually the speakers turn on when they sense a music signal and turn themselves off after fifteen minutes, now you can have them on all the time.

You can select the brightness of the speakers LEDs.

You can select to either mute or dim the speakers the amount selectable from -10dB to -40dB

There is a major change to the 'latency' function, as well as the 'normal' or 'exact' setting and 'low' latency you can now also select the actual frame delay in milliseconds and even a 'fine' adjust in microseconds.

There is also a 'set reading' function where the speakers can be calibrated to a specific replay level.

Polarity ,control either the absolute polarity or Mid L+R, Side L+R, or swap L+R

A visual indication of limiting can be selected.

Up to 6 presets can be configured, IR remotes can be configured RC5/Apple.

The new Kii 'control' is a useful unit and actually adds features over and above offered from the speaker controls alone.

And the volume control's numbers display is 'funky'

The new 'control' will be available from Purité Audio we have ordered lots of them!


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