Kii 'control' arrives (at last)!

The new remote for the Kii THREE has arrived and it is good!

Ok the 'knob' on top controls volume,and dressing down activates 'mute' or dim, you can choose which and how much in the menu.

On the rear thee are the additional connectors, USB 2.0, s/pdif, optical.

To connect to your Kiis, simply insert one end of the RJ45 cable (supplied) into the 'control' and the other into the nearest Kii THREE, that speaker is now your 'master' run another RJ45 cable from the 'through' into the 'in' Kiilink on the other Kii THREE.

I am using the USB input on the control to connect my Macbook to the 'control', press play!

Really straightforward, you can still use the XLR connection on the rear of the Kii THREES themselves, also you can use an 'Apple' remote to control input,volume and mute if more convenient, more to follow...


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