Kii THREEs and Illusonic Tri Channel

I first heard Christof Faller's 'Illusonic' processors at the Munich Hi-End show, Christof was demonstrating a simple three speaker multi channel set-up, using the Illusonic IAP processor to switch between two speaker 'stereo' and three channel ,the Illusonic has a clever 'up mix' facility that allows you to up mix ordinary CDs into multi-channel.

The Illusonic can up-mix or play multi-channel files natively, just one of its innovative features.

The difference when Christof switched to 'tri-field' was incredible, the soundstage was solid,palpable, ordinary stereo seemed flat in comparison.

When our first Kii THREEs arrived i was keen to try them with the Illusonic.

You simply connect the speakers to the IAP and label them, run the IAPs sophisticated software and send the files off to Christof in Switzerland,back came a fully configured three channel EQ,

Once you have heard three channel it is difficult to return to stereo even with such excellent loudspeakers as the Kii THREEs which have the best imaging I have 'heard'.

A future experiment will include five Kii speakers three front and with two rear channels, the Illusonic allows up to 16 channels so it is easily possible to create a fully immersive listening experience with height channels.

dedicated multi channel files are available from 2L and other publishers.

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