A disturbance in the 'Force'!

Our new Benchmark AHB2 amplifier arrived yesterday in Darth Vader black,

Benchmark uses 'feed-forward error correction' technology developed and patented by THX.

THX were formed as part of Lucasfilm!

It is a 100 watt amplifier into 8ohms, 190 into 4ohms, benchmark claim it is has the lowest noise and distortion of any amplifier available.

Its specs are truly fantastic, very high damping factor means it will drive any speaker no matter how 'difficult' a load.

In operation it is silent,completely silent which is important of me as I use it with a pair of very efficient Cessaro horn loudspeakers.

In operation it is a joy,it is compact, relatively light in weight, as I mentioned completely silent, sounds fantastic as you would imagine and even turns itself off if it doesn't sense a signal.

I would rate it amongst the best amps I have heard, and at £3k it is not outrageously expensive.

Purité Audio believe you should always audition equipment in your own system so we are happy to lend an AHB2 unit for evaluation.

There is far more information available on the benchmark site, ( follow the link on our' Benchmark' page) two AHB2's can be bridged if you require more power.

A superb amp, a 'benchmark' in fact.


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