Avantgarde Zero part deux

January 26, 2017

The Avantgarde 'Zero' horns arrived this morning, the design and execution of the packaging is excellent the speakers themselves exude quality, I am not sure from which material they are manufactured ABS perhaps but they look and feel great.

Convert kindly lent me the semi-passive versions, bass is active and the mids and treble can be driven by the amp of your choice. I used Benchmarks AHB2 amp and the Illusonic IAP processor as preamp, files were Tidal via ROON.

 Here are the Zero's next to the Cessaro 'Liszt' ,


The Zero's are extremely versatile in that the bass can be adjusted, Avantgarde can supply a room correction kit, microphone etc, you take the measurements and send them off to Avantgarde who will create an EQ,there is a USB port on the back of the speakers for loading the correction.


The amount of bass and the crossover frequency can also be adjusted from the rear panel.

Philip from Convert showed me his box of 'mini' horns, which are really cute.

More to follow....




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