Avantgarde 'ZERO'

Purité Audio ,the most progressive and innovative Hi-Fi 'consultant' in the whole world welcomes Avantgarde-acoustic's 'ZERO' horn loudspeakers!

I heard these on their release in Munich what four years ago, I spoke to Holger of Avantgarde about them at the time.

Avantgarde have just released a semi-passive version of the Zero, the original was completely active, they arrive Wednesday.

Until now the only horn loudspeakers that have crossed Purité Audio's threshold have been another german manufacturer, 'Cessaro'.

Very much looking forward to hearing the Zero's here, I will be using Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier to drive the passive portion of the Zero's.

Comparisons may be odious but I will anyway, to our kii THREE, ATC active 50's and Dutch & dutch's new 8C monitors when they arrive.


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