Dutch & Dutch 8C the most accurate loudspeakers available?

Dutch & Dutch as their name would suggest are a young technology led loudspeaker manufacturer based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, their offices are actually 10 metres below sea level!

Purité Audio receive our first pair of their 8C monitors next week, the 8C measurements are to say the least spectacular, the best I have ever seen, better perhaps than even the Kii THREE's!

Here are 'our' 8C's on the bench, Dutch&Dutch are are one of the new generation of loudspeaker manufacturers,they are not hide bound by any traditional ideas or by their own existing loudspeaker range.

Dutch&Dutch, kii Audio and Bang & Olufsen ( their Beolab 90 ) are the only speakers currently using new technology to implement 'controlled directivity' this means that off-axis response is cancelled creating a perfect polar response.

All of the sound propagates from the front of the loudspeaker!

If the Dutch & Dutch 8C can match or even better Kii Audio's Kii THREE they will be spectacular indeed.

Martijn from Dutch&Dutch has directly compared both speakers...

He says that both are superb loudspeakers!

Purité Audio stock Kii,ATC,Manger Audio,PSI it will be fascinating to compare them to the 8C when they arrive.


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