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Manger drivers are unique, instantly recognisable from their 'star' shaped driver surround. I first heard Manger at the Munich Hi_End show five or six years ago, they had just released their new range of loudspeakers,with enclosures designed by a Swiss architect,they looked and sounded superb.

Josef Manger designed the bending wave transducer because he wasn't satisfied with conventional dynamic drivers,he didn't feel they could accurately reproduce human voice or real instruments.

The Manger bending wave driver covers both mid-range and high frequencies, they have a truly enchanting quality,voices in particular are just gorgeous.

The photograph above shows our pair of active C-1 monitors from above, I fitted Manger's 'Holoprofile' wave guides ,the holoprofile does not change the tonal quality which can be a side effect of some wave guides but it does improve clarity ,body and focus of the image.

I certainly prefer the sound of the Mangers with the Holoprofile guides fitted.

The Manger C-1's are permanently 'on' here , if you would like to hear them for yourself and indeed compare them to our other fine loudspeakers which include ATC, Kii THREE, PSI, and the awesome Cessaro 'Liszt' then just give us a call on 0208 815 5878.


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