Purité Audio a 'foo' free zone!

We don't sell 'foo' we done even sell cables, we recommend you purchase a cable that is made for its purpose, Mogami,or Van Damme, cables that are used to actually create the music in the first instance.

There is nothing to be gained in buying expensive cables, if a cable's electrical parameters ( L,C,R ) are low then the cable will be audibly transparent over the short lengths used for domestic audio.

Instead use that money to buy a measuring microphone , download REW software it's FREE and acoustically measure your room .

You will then see exactly how the room and loudspeakers together are messing with your sound quality.

If you get stuck give us a ring we will help you, seeing your room's frequency response for the first time is always enlightening and will lead to genuine IMPROVEMENTS in SQ

Act now!


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