ROON's 'Nucleus'

ROON's 'Nucleus' server, plug and play, bulletproof, makes computer audio the joy it was always intended to be.

Roon 'Nucleus' and 'Nucleus Plus' streamers

When Roon announced they were going to release two purpose built audio computers, dedicated to ROON playback, Purité Audio just had to stock them.

ROON software is the finest playback software I have used and I have tried everything!



Illusonic IAP8

Simple, straightforward, superb playback

A turn-key Roon 'core' that does not require a Mac, PC or NAS.

Enough computing power to cater for all your needs, now and in the future.

Completely plug and play operation,

Software and firmware updates are downloaded 'over the air' and managed by you,

Reliable and robust, nothing to adjust, nothing to service.

Two models the 'Nucleus' and 'Nucleus PLUS', the standard Nucleus will be more than adequate for the majority of users, the 'PLUS' may be more suitable if you have extremely large libraries, multiple simultaneous playback streams or high rate DSD.


The Nucleus had to be completely silent.

Managing heat and power without fans was an absolute necessity, ultimately a one piece die-cast aluminium chassis was chosen.

The result is aesthetically pleasing design without exposed seams or hardware assembly.

The case as realised is a single block of die cast aluminium with no visible markings except for the extremely subtle Roon logo.

There are no bright blue LEDs!

Roon's operating system

The Nucleus and Nucleus PLUS utilise a custom designed operating system called Roon OS, Linux based designed from the ground up specifically for media applications.

Compartmentalised files system, ensures robustness against error, hardware failure and software bugs.

Roon OS updates are downloaded from the internet and confirmed by you,everything aspect of the Nucleus is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Remote support, if something does go awry, Roon will remotely access your unit and fix it!

Purité Audio's Kii THREE loudspeakers in mineral grey metallic

ROON 'Nucleus' and Nucleus PLUS

Purité Audio will always have the ROON 'Nuclei' in stock and available for audition, just e-mail or telephone to book an appointment to hear for yourself a genuine advance in domestic audio reproduction.

Roon Nucleus £1500.00 inc vat.

Roon Nucleus Plus £2500 inc vat.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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