RME Engineering

RME created the world's first firewire audio interface and have continued to develop superbly engineered and innovative products ever since.

RME Audio Engineering.

Founded by a small group of engineers in 1996, RME developed the very first 96 kHZ capable audio card, and the world's first Firewire interface the Fireface 800.

Their  exceptional specifications are matched by superlative measurements and reliability, reliable hardware and software are of course paramount for professional mastering and mixing engineers.

Today the RME range includes the world's most powerful audio card the 390 channel HDSPe MADI FX and the incredibly versatile Fireface UFX audio interface.


RME Audio's 'domestic' ADI-2 DAC

 RME's ADI-2 DAC is their first design orientated primarily towards domestic audio reproduction.

It is  literally jam packed with features, based on the acclaimed ADI-2 PRO ( which we also stock) the ADI-2 DAC offers exceptional engineering and sound quality in a straightforward simple to use package.

Digital to analogue conversion of course, two exceptional headphone and IEM outputs and remote control!

Tone controls, and sophisticated built in EQ!

It automatically senses an audio signal and switches to the correct input.

It is a joy to use, it can become the hub of your audio/visual playback.

Connect your PC via USB, your TV via optical, your 'streamer' by s/p-dif, simple, straightforward for all the family to use.

RME's superb ADI-2 DAC everything you could ever need £850.00 inc vat


RME's ADI-DAC2 offers everything the domestic user could ever require.

The new ADI-2 DAC and the ADI-2 DAC PRO are always kept in stock and available for demonstration or home evaluation.

It is a delight for us to be able to offer such a spectacular, innovative design, feature packed at such a reasonably inexpensive price.

If you would like to try any  RME product in your system simply email or telephone Purité Audio.

RME ADI-Dac 2 £850.00 inc vat

RME ADI- PRO £1400.00 inc vat

RME ADI-PRO Black FS £1600 inc vat

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