Phison Audio 

Sonny Anderson from Denmark is the Phison designer and driving force.

He believes in modular design which never leaves you with an obsolete product


His designs are thoughtfully constructed  soundly engineered.

Phison Audio's modular design

Phison Audio are a young, technology driven Danish electronics manufacturer, their first two products are the PD2 preamp/dac/phono-stage and the A2.120

stereo power amplifier. Both offer superb sound quality yet are not ridiculously expensive.

The PD2 is a preamp, dac and phono stage, one component replacing three traditional units, simply and elegantly controlled from its facia touch screen.

Phison PD2 preamp/dac/phono

Sonny Anderson, Phison's electrical engineer wanted to create a reference preamplifier, with the PD2 he has created a 'modular' design that can easily be updated should technology advance.

Each section, phono amplifier, DAC module, discrete amplifier module can be easily exchanged for another discrete module at any point in the future.

Ensuring that your investment is never diminished your Phison component will always be 'bleeding edge'!

Phison Audio's superb PD2 preamps/dac/phono stage at Purité Audio

Single gain stages, folded cascode voltage feedback

The Phison PD2 combines tuned JFETS with bipolar transistors, all the amplifier modules are single stage designs, volume attenuation is based on the very highest quality DAC8812 which allows 0.5dB from -120 to +12 dB yet with an extremely low noise floor.

Phison amps are beautifully made,they are simple to operate,the PD2's touch screen is an ergonomic joy.

The A2.120 power amplifier is silent in operation which is absolutely necessary when using sensitive loudspeakers.

Crystek crystals for ultra low noise

 The PD2's dac section uses  ultra low noise Crystek crystals, the USB port is galvanically isolated .

 A carefully designed PCB and state of the art circuit ensures extraordinary performance.

 Both Phison Audio amplifiers are thoughtfully designed, the touch screen is extremely straightforward in use.

 Both PD2 preamp and A2.120 power amplifier are absolutely silent in operation.

 I hate hiss!


 Phison A2.120 Power Amplifier

Sonny chose to design a classic linear power supply for the A2.120 , the amp uses the same single stage gain modules as the PD2, combining 7 pairs of of output devices allow the A2.120 to drive even the most difficult loudspeakers.

2x120 Watts into 8 Ohms

Bridgeable to 300W into 8 ohms

Power supply 1KVA

Output capability 60A peak.

The A2.120 is capable and powerful yet completely silent a superb amplifier.

Phison audio's superb new A2.120 power amplifier excluively from Purité Audio
Phison PD2 preamp available exclusively at Purité Audio UK distributor

Phison Audio's PD2 Preamp, 

A2.120 Power amplifier

Purité Audio always have Phison's PD2 preamp and A2. A120 power available for audition.

Just telephone or e-mail for an appointment.

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