Mola-Mola the finest most accurate electronics currently available.

Once you remove everything that isn't the music, then what remains is the  music.


Mola-Mola, imagined by Jan-Peter van Amerongen of Hypex, Bruno Putzeys  was commissioned to design the Tambaqui dac with a little assistance from Bart van der Lann in the realms of digital signal processing, together with Hypex's own engineers creating  the finest measuring Digital to Analogue Converter available today.

Mola believe that once you have  removed everything that isn't the music then what remains is the music.

Mola-Mola is all about purity, not mixing topologies or circuits to create a bespoke or tailored sound but simply to reproduce the music with no contribution from the electronics themselves.

Bruno analysed every subcircuit mathematically to search for errors, when the circuit measured as predicted, then listening confirms that there are no unexpected sources of colouration.

After every stage has measured immaculate performance, the process is repeated until the whole product measures and sounds impeccable.


Purité Audio always have the complete Mola-Mola range in stock  for demonstration.

 If you would like to hear the Tambaqui dac, the superb Kaluga monoblocs or the Makua preamp/dac/phono   please email or telephone.

We are always delighted to bring Mola-Mola components to your home so that you can directly compare.

Mola-Mola's Tambaqui £8400.00 inc vat

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'


Mola-Mola's 'Makua' a routing matrix, rather than a preamp,

gain stage, modular construction, room for dac and phono stage modules.

Completely transparent.

 Discrete amplifier modules, configured in a 'single ended driven differential ' topology.

The relay-based volume control directly controls the gain of the output stage.

Kaluga monoblocs based on Bruno's Hypex Ncore 1200 modules.

Unprecedentedly low distortion, noise and output impedance.

Mola-Mola's 'Kaluga' monoblocs outperform every power amplifier currently available.

Phono and DAC.

The quietest, most transparent and probably most versatile phono stage ever designed.


Future proof by being so far ahead.

Today's best dac chips have at best 22 bits worth of dynamic range and only 20 bits of linearity.

Mola-mola's dac was designed from the ground up, using circuits and digital algorithms developed entirely in house.

If you really want to hear your favourite music the way the artist intended contact Purité Audio and we will bring the Mola-Mola range for you to compare to your current system.




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