Mesanovic RTM10

Active 3-Way DSP Loudspeaker featuring in house true ribbon tweeter technology.

Mesanovic RTM10

Mesanovic RTM10 a 3-way active loudspeaker with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz

Incredibly low distortion, unlimited dynamic range, ultra fast transient response and pinpoint stereo imaging.

At the heart of the RTM10 is a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter, ultra low distortion mid-range driver and a large excursion 10" aluminium bass driver.


True Ribbon Tweeter,

The true aluminium ribbon tweeter is manufactured in house, 4-microns thick weighing just 0.01 grams, suspended in a powerful magnetic field.

Creating a tweeter with exceptionally low distortion and a transient response unmatched by any soft dome, creating an effortless, natural sound.

Mesanovic RTM10

Hypex's Ncore amplifiers power the RTM10, each speaker has a combined 650 watts of power, providing more than enough headroom, low distortion even at high listening levels.

The RTM10 excels with effortless dynamics, accuracy and transparency.

Each unit is measured and calibrated in an anechoic chamber, the ribbon tweeter's controlled directivity reduces vertical reflections from floors and ceilings.

The Mesanovic RTM10 measures superbly and sounds as you would expect superb.


Mesanovic RTM10 active monitors

Purité Audio have the Mesanovic RTM10 active monitors permanently available for audition/evaluation.

Just e-mail or telephone to make an appointment to hear these unique loudspeakers for yourself, either here or in your own room.

Direct comparison is the only truly valid method of evaluation it is what we recommend.

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