Manger Audio 

Unique bending wave transducer technology from Manger Audio.

Manger C-1 active monitors.

Manger Audio's unique sound transducer

Josef Manger developed the Manger bending wave driver because he felt conventional drivers couldn't accurately reproduce the transient pressure changes from a real musical instrument.

The Manger sound transducer was designed to meet the strict requirements of accurate transient response and wide even directivity in addition to the traditional requirements for flat and uniform frequency response.


Our Products

The Manger Audio range of loudspeakers contain both active and passive designs. 

Active loudspeakers have their power amplifiers built in which means that you only have to add a dac/preamp such as the Benchmark DAC 3 to have a complete system.

Elegant, smart and of course they sound great.

Manger C-1 active loudspeakers

The Manger speakers are available in any RAL or NCS colour or in a variety of real wood veneers.

Elegance and power.

Manger speakers aren't just beautiful but practical too.

The c1's have room adaptation filters, near field/cinema screen EQ settings, which means you can place the C1's anywhere in your room and adjust the sound to your taste.

The active c1's are a two way system, the manger transducer covers both mid range and high frequencies, they extend down to 30Hz, maximum sound pressure level is 110dB.

Two Class AB power amplifiers are built in, 250W for the bass and 180W@8 Ohms for the treble.

There are selectable inputs for 'gain', input sensitivity, there are room acoustic correction switches, which allow you to place the loudspeaker where you wish, loudspeakers no longer have to dominate the room.

A truly versatile easy to position loudspeaker.

Manger Audio a wonderful and unique sound.

Manger bending wave drivers in C-1
Purité Audio's Basalt grey Manger C-1

Manger Audio's C-1 active monitors

Purité Audio have Manger Audio's C-1 active monitors permantently available for audition.

We stock the whole range of Manger Audio's loudspeakers both their active and passive ranges.

Just e-mail or telephone to make an appointment to hear these unique loudspeakers for yourself.

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