Kii have already designed the world's best loudspeaker, what do they do next?

Make it even better!

The new BXT sub module for the Kii THREE

Having re-defined loudspeaker design, Kii set out to make one of the world's greatest loudspeakers even better.

Kii Audio's BXT module.

What is the BXT module?

The BXT is an extension module which sits under the Kii Three creating a floor standing loudspeaker.

The height of the Kii Three/BXT is exactly the same as the 'three' on its dedicated stands.


What does the BXT module add?

For a start 16 additional drivers and 4000 watts of power.

Each Kii THREE/BXT loudspeaker contains:-

12 x 6.5" woofers, 1 X 5" midrange and 1 x 1" tweeter.

One custom designed Hypex Ncore 250 watt amplifier per driver.

Active wave focusing crossover filter, a frequency response :- 20Hz (-3dB)- 25kHz +/- 0.5dB

Controlled directivity 4.8dB 54Hz- 1kHz ( slowly rising thereafter )

Selectable 14 position correction for free standing, near wall or in corner.


The new Kii BXT module turns the standard Kii THREE into a 'line source' this means that amongst other benefits 'floor bounce' cancellation is eradicated.

The BXT  extends the THREE's frequency range

and sound pressure level capability whilst still maintaining and extending the speaker's cardioid response.

Even a small domestic room will benefit from the addition of the BXT modules.

Existing Kii THREE loudspeakers can be updated at any time to accept the new BXT, all that is required is a firmware upgrade.

Once the Kii THREE is removed from the BXT module the speaker will run as normal, adjusting its own software

once it again detects the presence of the BXT module.

The new Kii BXT is available in both the standard Kii colours or any colour you desire!


Kii THREE with BXT module standard graphite grey.


Purité Audio will always have the KII THREE/BXT in stock and available for audition, just e-mail or telephone to book an appointment to hear for yourself a genuine advance in loudspeaker design and perhaps the world's best loudspeaker.

Kii THREE / BXT the future of loudspeaker design.

Total Kii THREE BXT ( standard colours) system including Kii Control is £27k inc vat.

The BXT modules have arrived and they are superb!

The finest sound quality i have heard here.

'I have the simplest of tastes I am always satisfied with the best'



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